Trinity Financial
Developer of the Year Award

Accepted by: James Keefe and Patrick Lee

Trinity Financial is a community-driven, diverse team of real estate professionals with a proven track record of developing urban sites from New York to Greater Boston. Trinity has the unique ability to complete complex, mixed-use projects overseeing all aspects of real estate – from finance to development to property management – on urban sites, especially those challenged by politics, infrastructure, environment, or market profile.

Their work spans half a dozen residential and commercial specialties, from multi-family housing to transit-oriented development. With over $3 billion in transformative development work, Trinity has a reputation for delivering high-quality multifamily projects resulting in a stronger urban fabric – with a commitment to people, place, and partners. They care about the communities where they invest because they live and work there too.

Trinity’s projects reflect a distinctive urban focus, combining community sensitivity with financial acumen to create truly transformative projects.

Founded in Boston in 1987, Trinity opened its Manhattan office in 2015.  In New York, their development work totals $661 million, with over 1,100 housing units, and more than 100,000 retail, commercial, or community space completed or underway.

Together with its property management company, Trinity boasts a team of 300 employees with decades of experience in the development and management of transformative real estate projects. Commitment to diversity is a core value for Trinity. The company is 50% minority-owned, with a senior staff that is 67% women and/or minority. Trinity’s projects consistently exceed goals for minority and women-owned business sub-contracting and workforce hiring by up to 150%.

Trinity’s development portfolio illustrates a long-standing capacity to effect transformative urban developments: from ushering in a new neighborhood in the shadows of Boston’s Big Dig with Avenir and One Canal to working with some of Harlem’s most vulnerable residents at the Randolph Houses, to cutting edge climate resiliency and community programming at 425 Grand Concourse.

All of Trinity’s projects reflect a commitment to excellence in design, sensitivity to community, a strong financial foundation, and ongoing accountability as an owner, manager, and neighbor.